Waterway Surveys and Engineering, Ltd. offers automated hydrographic capability for:Merritt 02
• Condition Surveys
• Before and After Dredging Surveys
• Special Studies

Each hydrographic mission is planned and directed by licensed professionals.
The quality of our hydrographic expertise is maintained at the highest levels through constant, everyday practice of the profession and in-depth technical training.

Our long-term clients have come to depend on the level of attention we give their business needs.

Waterway has developed the in-house capability to perform extensive hydrographic surveys and related field investigations for lakes, streams, rivers, harbors, and coastal projects.

We have developed a high degree of specialization in preparing charts and design documents that meet Corps of Engineers criteria.
Waterway’s state-of-the-art electronic equipment for automated hydrographic surveying:

• Differential Global Positioning Systems for accurate horizontal positioning
• Trimble GPS units are interfaced with Innerspace Model 448 & 455 and Reson NaviSound Model 210 digital recording Fathometers
• Pentium lap-top computers running “HyPack” software for fully integrated real-time hydrographic data collection