The mission of Waterway Surveys and Engineering, Ltd. emphasizes applications associated with the marine environment.
Services provided by Waterway include the following:

• Hydrographic Surveying
• Civil Works
• Design and Dredging of Shipping Berths and Approach Channels
• Navigation Studies
• Dredged Material Placement Planning
• Environmental Permitting
• Port and Harbor Management
• Beach Nourishment and Dune Construction
• Beach Monitoring
• Inlet Processes
• Coastal Engineering and Management Alternatives

Project Management

Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd. has the appropriate management team to
direct projects including:

• Hydrographic Surveys • Permitting
• Engineering • Mitigation
• Disposal Strategy • Sediment Sampling
• Port Mapping • Plans and Specifications

Shipyards, municipalities, port authorities, marine contractors, terminal operators, and numerous engineering firms regularly utilize Waterway’s professional services. Their confidence strengthens our commitment to sharpen our focus on the various surveying and engineering needs of the maritime community.