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Waterway Surveys and Engineering, Ltd. was founded in 1977 with the express purpose of providing the highly specialized professional expertise required to perform surveying, engineering, and environmental consulting for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients involved in a wide assortment of projects in the marine environment. We place a high priority on being involved with the maritime community and therefore our services are tailored to our client’s important needs.

Waterway’s continuing success is directly attributable to the ability of our professional staff and employees.


Our Professional Staff
John B. Walsh, P.E.
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With over 50 years of experience in engineering and surveying, John Walsh provides the management leadership at Waterway. His experience ranges from site planning and drainage analysis to the design of coastal structures, marinas and maintenance and new work dredging projects. He is also an expert in developing short and long term management plans for dredged material disposal. In addition to his hands on approach to engineering, John is responsible for managing the diverse Waterway team including the environmental, surveying and engineering programs.

Robert L. Taliaferro, L.S., C.I.H.
Executive Vice President
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Bob Taliaferro has more than 40 years of experience in all types of field surveys and data acquisition. He has performed geodetic control, cadastral, topographic and hydrographic surveys throughout most states on the eastern seaboard, as well as abroad. Bob is a Certified Inshore Hydrographer by the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping and an active member of the Hydrographic Society and the Virginia Association of Surveyors. His primary responsibility is in planning, supervising and directing Waterway’s diverse surveying program.

Rebecca S. Francese, R.E.M.
Senior Environmental Scientist
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Rebecca Francese is a Registered Environmental Manager with more than 30 years of experience in both coastal and environmental projects. Her expertise ranges from environmental site assessments and permitting to management planning for coastal zone and dredging issues. Rebecca has designed several dune constructions, shoreline protection and beach re-nourishment projects, as well as miles of small boat navigation channels. At Waterway, her primary responsibility is to oversee the environmental, regulatory and beach management programs.

Tracy G. Quast, P.E.
Senior Civil Engineer
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Tracy Quast is a registered Professional Engineer with over 25 years of diversified civil engineering design and project management experience serving local, state and federal clients. Her experience includes design and management of dredging projects, utility distribution projects and site projects. These projects have included dredging, dredged material management, stormwater management, drainage design, planning, water distribution, sewer collection systems, airfields, firing ranges and roadway design. At Waterway, her primary responsibility is managing a variety of dredging and site engineering projects.


Other Key Waterway Personnel
Ken Lane - Hydrographic Engineering Technician

Mike Piatkowski - Senior CADD Technician

Kate Dougherty - CADD Technician

Mark Lister - CADD Technician

William Semple - Senior Party Chief

Rod Workman - Party Chief

George Rollins - Party Chief

Josh Duey - Party Chief

Marie Kirk - Office Manager

Katie Olson - Accounting Clerk

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